Source code for flask_swag.core


Core API for swagger.

import marshmallow

from . import schemas

[docs]def make_dict_factory(schema): requireds = [] defaults = {} fields = schema.fields for name, field in fields.items(): if field.required: requireds.append(name) if field.default is not marshmallow.missing: defaults[name] = field.default def factory(**kwargs): strict = kwargs.pop('_strict', True) for key, value in defaults.items(): kwargs.setdefault(key, value) for required in requireds: if required not in kwargs: raise TypeError("Missing argument \"{key}\"" .format(key=required)) if strict: for key, value in kwargs.items(): if key not in fields: raise TypeError("Unexpected argument \"{key}\"" .format(key=key)) return dict(kwargs) return factory
#: Description of external documentation ExternalDocumentation = make_dict_factory( schemas.ExternalDocumentationSchema()) #: Basic schema info Schema = make_dict_factory(schemas.SchemaSchema()) #: License info License = make_dict_factory(schemas.LicenseSchema()) #: Contact info Contact = make_dict_factory(schemas.ContactSchema()) #: Swagger metadata Info = make_dict_factory(schemas.InfoSchema()) #: Description of items Items = make_dict_factory(schemas.ItemsSchema()) #: Header info Header = make_dict_factory(schemas.HeaderSchema()) #: Parameter info Parameter = make_dict_factory(schemas.ParameterSchema()) #: Description of responses of operation Response = make_dict_factory(schemas.ResponseSchema()) #: Operations for each method in PathItem Operation = make_dict_factory(schemas.OperationSchema()) #: Items for each path PathItem = make_dict_factory(schemas.PathItemSchema()) #: Swagger root object Swagger = make_dict_factory(schemas.SwaggerSchema())
[docs]def dump(swagger, schema=schemas.SwaggerSchema()): """ Dump swagger dict to swagger JSON spec """ return schema.dump(swagger).data
[docs]def parameters_from_object_schema(schema, in_='formData'): """Convert object schema to parameters.""" # We can only extract parameters from schema if schema['type'] != 'object': return [] properties = schema.get('properties', {}) required = schema.get('required', []) parameters = [] for name, property in properties.items(): parameter = { 'name': name, 'in_': in_, 'required': (name in required), } parameter.update(property) parameter = Parameter(**parameter) parameters.append(parameter) parameters = sorted(parameters, key=lambda x: x['name']) return parameters